My Story is My Flag is a temporary public art project model created and led by artist Cristina Victor. Using vexillology (the study and design of flags) and public engagement, this public project is designed to work with community members through a series of workshops that empower them to create powerful and uniquely strong designs reflecting their human experience. These designs are then translated and hand produced by the artist (with the help of facilitators/collaborators) into large scale original flags that are then installed in a public space central to its community over an extended period of time. This project has been successfully executed in Graham, North Carolina in 2018 and Oakland, California in 2016.

Cristina Victor is an avid flag nerd and interdisciplinary artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her art practice is committed to creating generative exchanges about the complexities of our collective and individual human experience. She loves doing this.

photo by Lacey Haslam