How did I end up in this postsession

My name is Mariam Nyirasafari flor, I’m from Rwanda I have been to the United state for at least 3 years. Some of my interests dancing and creating media Art.This year choosing postsession I chose swimming camping and hiking but I didn’t get any of them, insisted I ended up in this class which is creating flags and learning what flags means and the story can behind the flags you are creating.

At the first  I didn’t want to  be in this class also wasn't  interested in what we were doing. Then I  started coming everyday, I loved what we were learning and making at the same time because I loved colors and I always wanna to make something out of colors. This class  was designed to make flag that will go on telegraph ave to represent our school.

I personal like making art because I always want to take something make and put into something else using Computer or any kind of machine so that people can learn from it.
I love anything that tells  story by looking at it.


Art Statement - Suado



Post Session class

June, 9 2016                     

My name is Suado. My flag represents my story. The colors on this flag are all important. The color black represents that in this world no one know what will happen next. Also the color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown things. I care about these things because I like to find something that are unknowns. ¨Black color creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside and hiding things from the world¨. This is important because if something is dark no one can´t see anything unit they use a light. The colors blue and purple signify my mom and her home country of Somalia. Also I like the color blue because I like when people are honesty, loyalty and a person  that I can trust. Lastly, the color yellow moon symbolizes that I am a Muslim. This is important part of my life because for 16 years I have grown with a Muslim family. Also most of the Muslim religion have a moon sing on the top of the Masjid where we pray. I chose the pattern on the top because I like going to the ocean and watch the waves.  I like this because I like to go and set in the sun.

The design of the flag also holds meaning. The moon represents my religion. The circles signifies my mom and where she is from. Lastly, the U shape symbolizes that I am a taurus. I didn't choose the moon as a circle but I chose moon as a crescent because it is holding everybody in the family. I have two circle inside each other because I went to show that my mom is came from Somalia. I chose the U shape not other shapes because I am a taurus and I am a stranger girl who went to fight what is right.







My name is Ahlam. My flag reptesnts my story. The colors on this flag are all important.The color black represent my country because their is a war in my country.The color dark purple signifies me because I love this color so much. Lastly,The color white symbolizes my religious because is represents peace and love.

The design of the flag also holds meaning. The Triangle represents me. The black triangle represents where i'm from. I choose this color because my country Yemen dont have peace for them.The purple triangle signifies me. Lastly, the shape Triangle black symbolizes my friend because I Love my friend.

My flag symbol Protection Ducks

Hello, my name is leonardo my flag represents a symbol of a duck, yellow represents the joy and the red color represents the strength these are my personal colors of my flag, the red color represents the force the ducks have to be strong and never give up and the yellow represents joy as my flag represents '' protection ducks '' happiness ducks may exist for not aiga many deaths or mistreatment of ducks.

My flag represents protenccion then duck and my personal colors of red and yellow flag, my flag wants happiness and a better life for ducks as long as they are well my flag represents protection of ducks

Personal and Final Flag and Artist Statement - Zachary

Artist Statement            

This flag represents me as someone who likes to go far and accomplish what I want. My goal is to become successful and make myself, family and everyone proud of who I am and what I want to achieve.

To begin my explanation, the book, which is the blue color represents an education. If I have the education, I can accomplish what I want to accomplish. That blue book has all the education I need to be educated and be successful. I choose the book to be color of blue because wisdom, intelligence, faith, and trust. The book has all wisdom and intelligence I can get, and all the faith and trust I can believe. I chose the book the be the shape like wings and egal because in order to reach what I want, I need to go up. Nobody goes down. So I need a wing to fly up. That’s why the book represent me as an eagle to go up and reach the star. The star, which is the yellow color means hopes, dreams, and accomplishment/destination. I choose the star because it’s my destination of an accomplishment. I have my dreams and a lot of thing I want to accomplish, so the star is the one that I am going to reach. The star is my destination of becoming a judge. I choose the color to be yellow because it shines all over the place. People can easily find yellow color though, paper, shirt, and any poster. It’s easy to find. Just like when I become a judge, the star is the one that people can see and I am the one who everyone knows. The first Karen judge. Also, the star shines everywhere. I choose the star to be the star’s shape because it has five directions. This means that when I become successful person, I can do whatever I want to do. I can go wherever I want to go. Ultimately, The background of my flag which is red. I chose the color red to be on my flag because it represents power, strength, and passion. I need those things to support me in order to reach the star. I can’t do it alone, I need a lot of things to support me along with my goal of becoming successful person.

After making my flag, I have come with the conclusion that this flag really represents my goals. What I really want to accomplish by reaching the star. I think it’s also very important to do what you want to do. For example reaching the star is the biggest achievement.


Flag of Wisdom

Flag of Wisdom

My name is Diego, In my post-session class I got made my personal flag. I went through a big process to came out with a final flag. The blue represents to me the color of perseverance because because blue is often used to award people for their effort. It is also my favorite color. In addition the white color represents peace because I want white to be a symbol of peace in our community and world. Also, this two colors represents the colors of my country which I’m really proud to be from.

My personal flag holds a meaningful symbol that is an owl. The owl represents wisdom. I chose this symbol because people should rule their life with wisdom. Furthermore, the way I divide the colors on this flags is a symbol that represents that even though we look different with can create beautiful things together.


Urias' final flag design


My name is Urias and I am from Guatemala. My flag represents myself and the color yellow star is me. The color white signifies bright path and future to me. Lastly, the color black symbolizes violence and darkness around me. 

The design of the flag also holds meaning. The design represents my life in Oakland. The shape that is around the star represents my career as a emergency mechanic technician. The white shape is path, and the black shape is all darkness.  


Angel Personal Flag

This Flag has a 3 basic colors (Black, Blue and White): Blue is the Liberty and Justice, Black is the Contour wings and White is the Peace on Earth.

The Angelic Wings represents my Name and the Light, The Nautical Star represents One World, and the Blue Circle shows that One Nation overall Doesn't care if you are another, My Flag represents my story.

Firtuna's personal flag

My name is Firtuna. This year in my possession class which is flag making I made a personal flag with four different colors and with two designs. The background color purple on my personal flag represents dignity because always the color purple have a power and stood out. For me the color green signifies self respect and this is important to me because I believe that to get respect from others you need to respect yourself and have a dignity. Lastly, the blue and white color on the eye represents calm and bright future because blue always represents calm and white represents white and in my flag I used the white color as a bright future. This is important to me because it represents my personality that I am a person who is calm and who looks for upcoming bright future. Not only the colors mean something on my flag, but also the design of my flag have a meaning.

    Furthermore, my personal flag has two designs which are the eye and heart with different colors. The heart represents love and I chose to do that design because I have grown up with a family with full of love and who believes that love can change a lot. So I used this heart in my flag to always remember that. The eye design in my flag performs the bright future that I believe I can reach to. This important because I believe that the best thing you can do in life is to have better future than you have.

My personal flag

      My name is Aiyuan. My flag represents my story. The colors on this flag are all important. The color green represents nature. Green can make me think of trees and forest. I like nature because it is beautiful, it also makes me feel relax. The color red signifies my family and our energy. We laugh and talk a lot. Therefore, we have many energy. I love my family, and we enjoy the time together. Lastly, the color black symbolizes the unknown because I don’t know what will happen in the future. We can’t see anything behind black so it similar to the future.  

     The design of the flag also holds meaning. The shape flower represents my family members. From left to right, the flowers symbolizes me, my sister, mom and dad. Flowers can catch people’s eyes so I use flowers to represent my family. The design of the deer horn signifies freedom because deer can go wherever they want. Also I like freedom, I want to do the things I want, I don’t like people tell me what I should do. The flowers on a deer horn signifies my family want a good future but we don’t know what will happen next.  

Asma statement



Post season



My name is Asma.  My flag represents my story.  The colors on this flag are all important. Like blue, green, red, and white. I choose 4 colors for my flag. The fist colors is red. The color red represents love and power. This means that I love my family so much and I have the power to make my family proud of me of what I want to become in the future. The second color is blue. The blue color shows two meaning to me. They are freedom and peace. When I came to the United States, I have the freedom  to say what I want to say and do what I want to do with my life. And I want to make peace for everyone. I know that my country really need peace. And I want to be someone who can help make peace in my country.  The third color is green. The color green signifies my country.  The country I came from is green. It has many mountains and trees. So I chose this color because green represent relaxation and nature. Nature and relaxation make people feel better and green. Lastly, the color white represent moon. I choose this color because moon is white.

The design of the  flag also holds meaning. The heart design represents me and my family. I put  some design inside the heart like a tree because it represent my family and my whole generation. The star shape signifies nature because I like nature things. Lastly, the moon design symbolizes that I am a Muslim and my family is Muslims. I am proud to be a Muslim.



Arches and Nur

My name is Madenh Ali Mohsen and I am the daughter of Yemeni immigrants. Currently I teach American History at Oakland International high school and one of the things I love most about my school is my students and the rich history they share. The story of immigrants and the children of immigrants are multifaceted and my flags represent the many doors we enter living those lives. Yemeni doors are traditionally arched and I wanted that represented in my flag as well as the calm of the blue sky and the moon. The duel arches represent my identity as an American and as a Yemeni and the balance and merger of the two lives. The moon is an important symbol in Islam; it determines the beginning and end of a month. Its beauty and the power it posses with nature fascinates me. The black and yellow geometric structure represents the Kabah, which is a building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred Muslim site in the world and Islam is an important part of my life.


This is my personal flag that I designed with four different colors and two designs which are the heart and eye. The green heart represents love for all with a bright future and the eye with blue and white represents how calm person I am and the white color in the eye represents bright things I want. 

Maryium's Personal Flag

This is my personal flag so the top tree colors which are black, green, and red represents my country Afghanistan flag and the way the tree peaces are cut represents peace. The second part which is black triangle and the star. So the star represents me and the white color is peace and the black is conflicts between my country and Pakistan. Down there are two colors green and white which is Pakistan flag and I wanted to mention this because I was born there and grow up there. So that is why it is very important for me. And lastly the importance of the star is that I will bring peace and change one day for these two countries and the world. 

Asma Personal flag

ASMA_A This is my personal flag. I choose 4 colors for my flag. The fist colors is red. The colors red represent love and blood. The shape of the heart represent me. The second color is blue. The color blue has 2 meaning they are freedom and peace. Well people say the color white is peace so, I changed to blue. The third color is green. The color green shows my country. The country I came from its green. It has many mountains and trees. So I chose this color. The last color is white. The color of the moon is white because every moon is white. Also it represent that I am a Muslim.