My story

Hello my name is Suado Hussein. I am 16 years old. I was born in Kenya but I am originally Somali girl. I come to the United State on March 10. SOmething that I like to do is watch movies, dance with 5 other languages I know their music mostly hindi and tv-show. I first language is Somali but I have learned 4 other languages by watching movies a lot everytime. I have a great freinds that I can talk to any time I went and they help me things I ask them most of the time. I really love Indian and Turkish actor because I have like 10 of them that are so cute and good actors. The best actress and actor I like is SRk he is a indian muslim actor and he is the number 1 and the actress is a girl name Deepika and she is also an indian and Denmark. My favorite color is pink, red and black.