Artist Statement (Aiyuan Liao)


My name is Aiyuan. This collage is my personal symbol. I made a green tree and four birds. Each of the birds represent my family members. The smaller bird that at the bottom of the tree represents me because I am the youngest person in my family. The green tree represents my home. The birds stand on the tree represents we live in our home. One day, the birds will move to upper leaves. That represents I will find my future job and do the thing I want in the future.

上面的图显示的是我的个人图标。我剪了一棵绿色的树和四只小鸟, 它们各代表我的家和我的家人。最下面的那只小鸟代表我因为我是家里最小的人。小鸟居住在树上, 代表着我们住在家里。终有一天, 小鸟会移居到更上层的树叶, 就像我会找到我的未来。