Flag of Team Eagle

The leaves represent us. We four of us Junior, Ahlam, Zachary and Angel making this club. We are from different countries such as Burma, Yemen, El Salvador, Guatemala and the United States. We’re all came from different countries and speak different languages. We have different goals of what we want to accomplish. - Junior

The star represents the dream because everybody has the dream that they want in their future. Each represents a dream, you can do something good, do not have to be a bad thing, but good to reach the goal. - Angel

The color represents the equality, because humans have an equal species and opportunity. Not everything is perfect equality, sometimes you can face other, but can make everyone understand, it is already difficult, but worth doing if you want to do. - Angel

We chose the moon because it is the safest and most beautiful in the   it looks like light and makes a beautiful sky in the evening. And also sends Nirvana - Ahlam

We choose the color red to be on our flag because it represents passion, love, strength, and power. We as an immigrant from all over the world, a lot of diversity coming to the United States to achieve what we are passionate about. We have the strength and power to make change and make a difference in the country like equality, opportunity, and a lot of thing. We have the the power to make change we want. - Zachary

We choose the color red and blue to be triangle because they represent equal opportunity. Meaning everybody has the right to do anything they want. Just like the moon and the star, they both shine in the dark to give us light. - Zachary