My personal flag

      My name is Aiyuan. My flag represents my story. The colors on this flag are all important. The color green represents nature. Green can make me think of trees and forest. I like nature because it is beautiful, it also makes me feel relax. The color red signifies my family and our energy. We laugh and talk a lot. Therefore, we have many energy. I love my family, and we enjoy the time together. Lastly, the color black symbolizes the unknown because I don’t know what will happen in the future. We can’t see anything behind black so it similar to the future.  

     The design of the flag also holds meaning. The shape flower represents my family members. From left to right, the flowers symbolizes me, my sister, mom and dad. Flowers can catch people’s eyes so I use flowers to represent my family. The design of the deer horn signifies freedom because deer can go wherever they want. Also I like freedom, I want to do the things I want, I don’t like people tell me what I should do. The flowers on a deer horn signifies my family want a good future but we don’t know what will happen next.