Art Statement - Suado



Post Session class

June, 9 2016                     

My name is Suado. My flag represents my story. The colors on this flag are all important. The color black represents that in this world no one know what will happen next. Also the color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown things. I care about these things because I like to find something that are unknowns. ¨Black color creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside and hiding things from the world¨. This is important because if something is dark no one can´t see anything unit they use a light. The colors blue and purple signify my mom and her home country of Somalia. Also I like the color blue because I like when people are honesty, loyalty and a person  that I can trust. Lastly, the color yellow moon symbolizes that I am a Muslim. This is important part of my life because for 16 years I have grown with a Muslim family. Also most of the Muslim religion have a moon sing on the top of the Masjid where we pray. I chose the pattern on the top because I like going to the ocean and watch the waves.  I like this because I like to go and set in the sun.

The design of the flag also holds meaning. The moon represents my religion. The circles signifies my mom and where she is from. Lastly, the U shape symbolizes that I am a taurus. I didn't choose the moon as a circle but I chose moon as a crescent because it is holding everybody in the family. I have two circle inside each other because I went to show that my mom is came from Somalia. I chose the U shape not other shapes because I am a taurus and I am a stranger girl who went to fight what is right.