Firtuna's personal flag

My name is Firtuna. This year in my possession class which is flag making I made a personal flag with four different colors and with two designs. The background color purple on my personal flag represents dignity because always the color purple have a power and stood out. For me the color green signifies self respect and this is important to me because I believe that to get respect from others you need to respect yourself and have a dignity. Lastly, the blue and white color on the eye represents calm and bright future because blue always represents calm and white represents white and in my flag I used the white color as a bright future. This is important to me because it represents my personality that I am a person who is calm and who looks for upcoming bright future. Not only the colors mean something on my flag, but also the design of my flag have a meaning.

    Furthermore, my personal flag has two designs which are the eye and heart with different colors. The heart represents love and I chose to do that design because I have grown up with a family with full of love and who believes that love can change a lot. So I used this heart in my flag to always remember that. The eye design in my flag performs the bright future that I believe I can reach to. This important because I believe that the best thing you can do in life is to have better future than you have.