How did I end up in this postsession

My name is Mariam Nyirasafari flor, I’m from Rwanda I have been to the United state for at least 3 years. Some of my interests dancing and creating media Art.This year choosing postsession I chose swimming camping and hiking but I didn’t get any of them, insisted I ended up in this class which is creating flags and learning what flags means and the story can behind the flags you are creating.

At the first  I didn’t want to  be in this class also wasn't  interested in what we were doing. Then I  started coming everyday, I loved what we were learning and making at the same time because I loved colors and I always wanna to make something out of colors. This class  was designed to make flag that will go on telegraph ave to represent our school.

I personal like making art because I always want to take something make and put into something else using Computer or any kind of machine so that people can learn from it.
I love anything that tells  story by looking at it.