Personal and Final Flag and Artist Statement - Zachary

Artist Statement            

This flag represents me as someone who likes to go far and accomplish what I want. My goal is to become successful and make myself, family and everyone proud of who I am and what I want to achieve.

To begin my explanation, the book, which is the blue color represents an education. If I have the education, I can accomplish what I want to accomplish. That blue book has all the education I need to be educated and be successful. I choose the book to be color of blue because wisdom, intelligence, faith, and trust. The book has all wisdom and intelligence I can get, and all the faith and trust I can believe. I chose the book the be the shape like wings and egal because in order to reach what I want, I need to go up. Nobody goes down. So I need a wing to fly up. That’s why the book represent me as an eagle to go up and reach the star. The star, which is the yellow color means hopes, dreams, and accomplishment/destination. I choose the star because it’s my destination of an accomplishment. I have my dreams and a lot of thing I want to accomplish, so the star is the one that I am going to reach. The star is my destination of becoming a judge. I choose the color to be yellow because it shines all over the place. People can easily find yellow color though, paper, shirt, and any poster. It’s easy to find. Just like when I become a judge, the star is the one that people can see and I am the one who everyone knows. The first Karen judge. Also, the star shines everywhere. I choose the star to be the star’s shape because it has five directions. This means that when I become successful person, I can do whatever I want to do. I can go wherever I want to go. Ultimately, The background of my flag which is red. I chose the color red to be on my flag because it represents power, strength, and passion. I need those things to support me in order to reach the star. I can’t do it alone, I need a lot of things to support me along with my goal of becoming successful person.

After making my flag, I have come with the conclusion that this flag really represents my goals. What I really want to accomplish by reaching the star. I think it’s also very important to do what you want to do. For example reaching the star is the biggest achievement.