moh personal flag




this flag represent me in my life. In the bigen I would like to talk about color. 

This color is my favorite color and any one of those color mean some things different so:              

the red mean energy for me, the bleu mean life, the green mean work                                       the yellow mean study

  The last thing I talk about is the symbol that I use in the middle. so this thing mean sound of the Letter (Z) in English and in my language (Berber Letter) (ⵣ).


My Personal Flag - Zachary


This is my personal flag. The star represents hopes and dreams. Whatever hopes and dreams I want to accomplish such as becoming someone valuable and successful in the future, that's where the star represents me. I choose the color of star to be yellow because it represents power. What I mean by power is when we came to the U.S., as a young people and even an adult, we have the power to control ourselves. We have the power to do what we want and what we thing is thing. Me personally choose thing because it represent me as a young man who has power to make change in this planet.  I choose the background to be read because it represents strengths. We have the strength we go where we want to go and do what we want to do because what's the purpose of coming to this country. Coming to this country and having strengths to do what we want. No everyone has the same purpose, but this means for a lot of people. The book represents education. Before becoming successful, I need a lot of education. Just like before reaching the star, it takes a lot of time and effort to become on to of the world. What's exactly what the book represents. If you have an education, you can reach whatever you want to reach. 

Something I saw was water, mountain, fish, grass, dogs, people, golden gate, trees, graffiti, boat and  rocks. something I did of art in albany bulb was I did grafitti. For example I drew a heart with spray paint. Also I painted the rocks. I  want to make a flag of a symbol that represent me and my family I might use 3 or 2 colors. 

Asma Alawdi 6/16

When I want to Albany Bulb something I saw are dogs swimming in the ocean, people, trees, a lot of clouds, and sand. Art that I add some graffiti that is a moon sign next to the moon is a star. Thoughts I have about making my personal flag this week is making a good simple that represent me. And add a little of colors in my personal flag.      

Urias' picture from Albany Bulb

In Albany Bulb I saw many different types of trees. I added a picture of me that I took on top of a tree, so you can see what I saw in Albany Bulb. The things that I saw in Albany bulb gave me an idea to make my personal flag. In which I will make my personal flag of a tree that represents myself because I love trees and I would love to make my own personal tree flag that represents myself.

A beach for art. (with a nice view)

The flag making class went to Albany Bulb last friday. My first impression of the place was how hard is to get to the place. The beach in Albany Bulb surprisingly is visit for many people in the Bay Area. It was funny how people brought their animals to hang out at the beach. The art in Albany Bulb have a lot of different graffiti art. I got to made to my own graffiti in one of the rock near to the beach. I liked Albany Bulb. This week we starting to make our personal flag and I feel eager to make one.    

Observation at Albany Bulb - Zachary

In this drawing, I see a man smoking like a old style. When I got there, I add a sign of Quality. And I explained why it's important to be equal in the video I published on Instagram. I said this symbol represents quality because it shows that each side have equal stuff to carry. It's balancing. Nothing goes up and down. Just like human being, doesn't matter your color, races, gender, ethnicity, we all should be treated equally under the law just like the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I think my personal flag would be a sign of quality like the balance color of red and background color of yellow. Or maybe, a sign on an eagle flies really high up the sky and try to reach the star. 

Albany Bulb Trip (Maryium)

On Friday in Albany Bulb I saw a lot of  different paint and drawing on the rocks. I added my name sign on one of the rock. But the picture I have now is someone else I took picture of this art because when at the first I saw this picture. I thought this art whoever is it represents a lot of feelings, such as strong and angry. We have one more week to make our own personal flags. I think I will like to make a flag that would say SWB which stands for Soccer Without Borders.

Flag of group Soccer Rocker

The green tree represents that we are all a family as we are all the same and came from different countries. -Suado

The yellow line represents growth in our family. -Urias Gonzalez 

The black color represents the future because we can't see the future, we don't know what will happen. -Aiyuan

The blue border represents the peace in our families. Also it presents oceans because our home countries are close to oceans. -Suado, Aiyuan, Urias



Flag of Team Eagle

The leaves represent us. We four of us Junior, Ahlam, Zachary and Angel making this club. We are from different countries such as Burma, Yemen, El Salvador, Guatemala and the United States. We’re all came from different countries and speak different languages. We have different goals of what we want to accomplish. - Junior

The star represents the dream because everybody has the dream that they want in their future. Each represents a dream, you can do something good, do not have to be a bad thing, but good to reach the goal. - Angel

The color represents the equality, because humans have an equal species and opportunity. Not everything is perfect equality, sometimes you can face other, but can make everyone understand, it is already difficult, but worth doing if you want to do. - Angel

We chose the moon because it is the safest and most beautiful in the   it looks like light and makes a beautiful sky in the evening. And also sends Nirvana - Ahlam

We choose the color red to be on our flag because it represents passion, love, strength, and power. We as an immigrant from all over the world, a lot of diversity coming to the United States to achieve what we are passionate about. We have the strength and power to make change and make a difference in the country like equality, opportunity, and a lot of thing. We have the the power to make change we want. - Zachary

We choose the color red and blue to be triangle because they represent equal opportunity. Meaning everybody has the right to do anything they want. Just like the moon and the star, they both shine in the dark to give us light. - Zachary


OIHS Stars-Asma,David,Leonardo,Maryium, and Yorleni

The circle represents gender equality. The red color shows love. The blue color demonstrates happiness. The black color represent negativities especially about women. We shows this color because people says a lot of negative things about women, so we used black color to show that women also deserve a special place. The white color portrays peace. We used the yellow color for hope to bring changes in the world by creating this peaceful flag. And the way all the pieces together it is a peace symbol. 

Team Puppies_The Ubumwe

This is flag represents unity. the blue color on the top represents  harmony because we should be one with the world and protect it. The yellow in the middle symbolizes happiness because in our life we should always smile even in the worst moments of our life. The red symbol in the middle represents unity as every human should work together in this world and is red because it represents passion or energy towards anything in our life. Finally, The color green on the bottom symbolizes life because the earth is green and we live on earth, so as we live on earth green represent our life here. (Team members Diego,Mohammed, Mariam and  Oscar)